Continuing Projects and Activities

                            CONTINUING PROJECTS and ACTIVITIES:
  • NYS DEC Campership - SGC sponsors a campership to the NYS DEC camp for one week to educate a student in horticulture and conservation.  Kathy Turcotte, Chairman
  • Donation of Library Book - A book promoting horticulture education will be presented to the Schuylerville Public Library.  Patti Nichols, Chairman
  • Pre-School Plant Project - SGC members will read a garden-related story and lead a plant activity for preschoolers during story hour at the Schuylerville Library.  Janice Pitkin, Chairman
  • Large Scale Civic Planting - Plantings are done each year at the park, municipal buildings, Visitor's Center, and along Broad Street in Schuylerville.  Esther Blair and Deb Mathis, Chairmen
  • Roadside Triangle - SGC members will maintain a planting at the roadside triangle at Routes 29 & 338 in Schuylerville.  Sharlene Pendrak, Chairman
  • Blue Star Memorial Marker - SGC members will maintain the Blue Star Memorial Marker grounds at Route 4 in Stillwater, NY.  Phoebe Hunt-Fontaine, Chairman
  • 'Visions of Beauty Calendars' - Yearly sale of calendars.  Mary Seymour, Chairman
  • Schuyler House Herb Garden - SGC will work with the National Park service on the care and maintenance of the herb garden at the Schuyler House on Route 4 in Schuylerville.  Liz Gee, Chairman
  • Graduation Flowers - SGC will create baskets of flowers for the Schuylerville High School graduation ceremony.  Kathy Turcotte, Chairman
  • SGC Standard Flower Show - Annual Standard Flower Show.  Liz Gee, Chairman
  • Community Christmas Project - SGC will purchase and decorate wreaths for area civic buildings.  Kathy Turcotte, Chairman
  • Holiday Fun at Morgan's Run - SGC members and Morgan's Run residents and their families will participate in a sing-along with holiday refreshments.  Patti Nichols, Chairman
  • Schuylerville Garden Club Plant Sale - Members will donate plants and sell them to the general public.  Karen Estill and Norma Moy, Chairmen
  • Morgan's Run Planting - SGC members will provide plantings and garden therapy for the residents of Morgan's Run senior housing.  Patti Nichols and Mary Seymour, Chairmen
  • National Garden Week Display - a display of plants/flowers and garden-related reading material will be created and displayed at the Schuylerville Library.  Mary Malicki, Chairman.
  • Senior Holiday Favors - SGC will make holiday favors and distribute to the residents of Schuyler Manor (Morgan's Run) senior housing.  Kathy Turcotte, Chairman
  • Schuylerville Community Theatre Festival of Trees.  SGC will decorate a tree or holiday item for the festival. Sharlene Pendrak Chairman
  • Glove Sale Fundraiser.  SGC will sell Palmflex garden clubs at all of our garden events to raise funds to support our continuing projects.  Diane Swartwout, Chairman

2017 National Garden Week display at Schuylerville LibraryHerb Garden at the Schuyler House.Herb Garden at the Schuyler House.Flowers on Broadway in Schuylerville Planted by SGC.Flowers along Broadway in Schuylerville.Roadside Triangle Routes 29 & 339 in Schuylerville.Flowers planted by SGC at the Schuylerville Visitor's Center.
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